‘I am a US grad relocating to England — should I study the GDL or wait for the super-exam?

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I’d really appreciate readers’ advice

In the latest instalment of our Career Conundrums series, a UK-bound lawyer hopeful asks Legal Cheek readers for advice on whether she should do the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).

“I am currently a non-law US student who plans to relocate to England next year. I came across your site online through an article concerning the SQE. This upcoming fall, I will be graduating from Columbia University with a bachelor’s degree in human rights. I originally intended to pursue the GDL next year — however, given the Solicitors Qualifying Examination, I am questioning whether or not I should pursue another route and perhaps wait for this exam to take effect. Do you have any advice or suggestions that would help me decide which next step I should consider? I would love to have the opportunity to gain your perspective on the legal field and would deeply appreciate any ideas/recommendations you might have for me.”

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