Lincoln’s Inn reveals first images of new advocacy mega-bunker

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Multi-million pound redevelopment nears completion

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Image credit: The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn

Lincoln’s Inn has released a set of images showing how work is progressing on its new state of the art mega-bunker.

The photographs, published on the Inn’s official Instagram and Twitter pages, reveal the subterranean education suite being built underneath the Inn’s historic medieval hall is nearing completion.

Architects’ drawings, acquired by Legal Cheek in 2015, show the two-storey bunker, when complete, will house ten advocacy training rooms, a 150-plus seat lecture theatre and numerous break-out spaces.

The 2018 BPTC Most List

At the time, we suggested that the bunker was potentially being constructed with a view to launching a new Inns of Court Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). Not so, said a spokesperson for the inn, who maintained that the “intended use of the proposed building is not as a law school but a state of the art space to provide advocacy training to our student, pupil and barrister members.”

But rumours of an inn-run BPTC offering continue. Last year, we exclusively revealed the Inns of Court College of Advocacy (ICCA) — an education and training organisation made up of judges, lawyers and academics — was “seriously considering” delivering a new version of the course.

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Going there next week. Looking forward to seeing the progress.



Any other interesting stories?



Such a waste of money.

Should have invested this in their members, as LI’s members have to pay the most for services, rather than other Inns.



Not the medieval hall. The Great Hall was built 1843.



Boys! Cool it!



Taking back control of al that scholarship funding from private equity backed shysters

To be applauded



I didn’t find the senior lawyer’s LinkedIn message to Charlotte Proudman to be sexist.


Can we comment on the gender quotas article now?

please, mum



Was this article designed solely to brag about a back catalogue of exclusives?


Old Codger of Counsel

Once upon a time, the Inns used to provide the BPTC (then BVC) through something called the Inns of Court School of Law (ICSL- some of you might have heard of it!)

For over 100 years it was the sole Bar Course provider.

Then BPP, College of Law etc came in and ICSL became part of City University.

It ceased to be in 2008.

Is this a sign that things are coming full circle?


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