Allen & Overy launches Belfast training contracts

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Open to grads currently working in the magic circle outfit’s Northern Irish centre

Allen & Overy (A&O) has launched a training contract scheme in Northern Ireland.

The new route to qualification as a magic circle lawyer is open to graduates currently working at A&O’s Legal Services Centre (LSC) in Belfast. The first group of successful applicants will start their training contract upon completion of the Legal Practice Course (LPC) in March and September 2021.

Salaries are still to be confirmed but will be “very competitive”, while trainee’s LPC fees will be half-funded by the firm.

Jane Townsend, partner and head of the LSC in Belfast, said: “As the challenges faced by our clients evolve, we need to ensure that our lawyer base is as diverse and has as broad a skillset as possible to best serve them.” She continued:

“That’s why we are evolving our processes too, to attract and train talented and ambitious lawyers of the future from all kinds of backgrounds and with a range of skills and interests. Combining studying and working during the LPC will continue to expose our lawyers in Belfast to the latest advances in legal tech and reflect the knowledge and skills lawyers of the future will increasingly need. With this new route to qualification our aim is to make a career in the law a compelling prospect for a broader range of graduates.”

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A&O isn’t the first big player to offer training contracts in the Northern Ireland capital. National player TLT launched a training programme in 2014, followed by Baker McKenzie in 2017.

Legal Cheek‘s Firms Most List shows that A&O, which offers around 90 training contacts each year, currently pays its London trainees £45,000 in year one, rising to £50,000 in year two.

In our latest Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey, A&O scored A*s for tech, perks and office, as well as As for training, quality of work, peer support and its canteen.

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Ciaran Goggins

Did they notify ONH for permission? NIRA on tour. Tiocfaidh armani.







Will it be English law or Northern Irish law?



I’d imagine it’ll be English law, essentially servicing the London office but in a low cost base.



£150 fee and a form will get someone E&W qualified on the NI Roll of solicitors. I’d say likely English law but it’ll hardly matter. Right to note the scope re Brexit but this has been planned for a while


Ciaran Goggins

Northern Irish law is a Glock 17′)



“That’s why we are evolving our processes too, to attract and train talented and ambitious lawyers of the future from all kinds of backgrounds and with a range of skills and interests.”

Right. So how many solicitors working for A&O have 2:2 degrees from former polytechnics then?


Harley Quinn

How are Alan’s ovaries?



A&O has for the past five or so years sent one/two Belfast LPs to London for their training contracts per intake. They’re often from less traditional unis, but typically do very well and get kept on at qualification, either in a London team or back in Belfast. It goes to show both how an Oxbridge education isn’t necessary to do well in the MC these days!

I suspect the Belfast TC is to incentivise and retain talented graduates in Northern Ireland, which makes a lot of sense.



Lmao what a shit idea. A&O is such a shet ferm

And here I am, turning comments like a baller at a US firm. Its 1.14am. fuck my life



猪年大吉! Happy New Year of the Pig!






“trainee’s LPC fees will be half-funded by the firm.”

1. Cheap fokkers.
2. A single trainee?



As MC firms go, are there a bigger set of C U Next Tuesdays than this outfit ?

I purport not !



Definitely not, chock full of turbokhunts


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