SRA publishes SQE sample question with wrong answer, says law prof

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The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has published what one law school chief claims is the wrong answer to one of its own sample questions for the upcoming Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).

Ken Oliphant, a professor of tort law and head of Bristol Law School, noted the apparent error on Tuesday, tweeting:

The MCQ forms part of a larger bank of 90 sample questions published back in December by the regulator, “to help both education providers and candidates plan SQE training and prepare for the assessment”.

Helpfully, Oliphant goes on to explain why in his professional opinion the answer to the human rights/privacy question is A, and not E, as the regulator states in its answer key at the bottom of the document.

The law prof rounds off his analysis by suggesting the apparent error “doesn’t inspire massive confidence in the quality of the #SQE assessment!”

In 2018 the SRA handed education giant Kaplan an eight-year deal to develop and deliver the SQE, which will replace both the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) when it comes into force in September 2021.

A spokesperson for Kaplan told Legal Cheek: “Questions go through an extensive review and editing process, but where there nevertheless is a flaw in a question, which happens rarely, this normally becomes evident from the statistical analysis of the answers. A range of statistics will be analysed including for instance whether the people who did well on the test as a whole did well on this question.

They continued:

“All questions will be reviewed by solicitors in the light of the statistics after every sitting. If a question appears to be flawed it will considered by the Examination Board and the Board can withdraw it from the final calculation of candidate scores.”

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Mr Chuckle

Oh dear, oh dear



Very embarrassing for Kaplan. For the high prices they are going to be charging students to do the SQE you wouldn’t expect this kind of error.


Scep Tick

And this is why multiple guess should NEVER be the way to do exams. They do not reward critical thinking or reasoning. But they are dirt cheap to mark. Priorities.


Angry future lawyer

Kaplan are basically the reason that the SQE is going to be no cheaper than the LPC (and perhaps cost even more). They justify the insane £££K that it will cost to sit their exam with the argument that they are top class professionals who know how to administer exams bla bla bla … and then they do this.





Kirkland NQ

SQE…more like K&E! Haha I have a LAMBO! Hahaha really I have a LAMBO! Haha I earn lots of money no seriously guys I earn lots of money like really in all seriousness please like my comments as it makes it easier to get through the day as a personal injury paralegal at Irwin Mitchell. Haha just kidding I have a LAMBO haha



Poor trolling attempt, 0/10


Kirkland NQ

Haha when you’re a PE god like me smashing deals you’re never POOR! I work at a US firm so I have lots of money you see


Kirkland NQ

It would appear that one of the poor people I gave an iPhone 11 to when it no longer amused me anymore has found legal cheek and is masquerading as me.


Kirkland NQ

It would appear that one of the poor people I gave an iPhone 11 to when it no longer amused me anymore has found legal cheek and is masquerading as me as me.

John Collins

What’s a LAMBO?



it’s like an ASBO but for lawyers


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