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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

How will the justice system withstand the coronavirus pandemic? [Prospect Magazine]

Thread: the upcoming Coronavirus Bill [Twitter]

Coronavirus: ‘By continuing to work I may kill one or both of the people most dear to me’ [Legal Hackette’s Brief]

Treaty scrutiny — a brave new frontier for parliament [UK Constitutional Law Association]

Working remotely: useful guidance [Civil Litigation Brief]

Coronavirus — business contracts [Law and Lawyers]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Machine-learnt bias? Algorithmic decision making and access to criminal justice [Legal Cheek Journal]

Sheikh Mohammed: media and courts protect vulnerable children [Law Society Gazette]

Three certainties in the most uncertain of times [Legal Futures]

“It’s like the SRA are trying to be as incompetent as possible. ‘It’s important that supervision is in place to ensure integrity’. The LPC has never been about integrity, if it were it wouldn’t cost so much, be so easy, and contribute so little.” [Legal Cheek comments]

Job jobs jobs [Legal Cheek Noticeboard]

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