ULaw and City Law School to suspend face-to-face teaching in response to coronavirus

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Both will switch to online lectures from 23 March

The University of Law (ULaw) and City Law School will temporarily suspend face-to-face teaching in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

In a statement over the weekend, ULaw, the country’s largest law school said it had made the decision to cancel face-to-face lectures and postpone some examinations from Monday 23 March to Monday 20 April, in the interests of the health, wellbeing and safety of its staff and students.

ULaw said: “During this period, wherever possible we will move learning and teaching online. Assessments scheduled during this period will be rearranged. With the exception of face-to-face teaching, the university will remain fully open and operational in line with current government advice, apart from the planned University closure days around Easter.”

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The law school — which has nine campuses in the UK, including two in London (Bloomsbury and Moorgate) — added:

“We understand that some students may elect not to attend face to face classes in the week commencing 16 March. Wherever possible we will ensure that materials are made available online to cover this period. There may be some delay as we focus on preparations for the transition to online learning and teaching in the week commencing 23 March.”

ULaw confirmed it recently adopted the same strategy at its Hong Kong campus, one of the first regions to be affected by the virus.

Meanwhile, City Law School confirmed all teaching will be online and there will be no further face-to-face classes from 23 March. The law school is also working on ways to move all of its assessments and exams online, according to an email sent to students and seen by Legal Cheek. The university’s premises will remain open, including libraries.

Last week we reported that law students at King’s College London will sit “take home” exams — an alternative form of assessment where students take their assessment off-campus within a specified timeframe — amid concerns about coronavirus.

UPDATE: Tuesday, 17 March — 3:30pm

The University of Law will suspend all face to face assessments and teaching at its UK campuses from 5:30pm today (Tuesday 17 March) until further notice.

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Meanwhile at BPP Holborn lmaooooooo



You’ve missed the excellent governance at BPP – LPC exams tomorrow! 1000 students in the ExCeL centre! No communication! 🙂


Go ahead BPP

Maybe BPP wants the students to build the herd resistance to faster end this crisis and go back to normal.



Your comments are irresponsible fake news. BPP is giving students the option of whether to take the exams or not, in line with advice from Public Health England.



…and your response is naive. BPP are providing students with a choice but have made no announcements as to when and how additional examinations will take place. As of now, students who choose not to sit the exams tomorrow will have to sit them in August, the results of which are not provided until April 2021. That means that choosing to defer is not a viable option for any student who is due to start their TC in September.

BPP’s lack of detailed information is likely to result in students who may well be feeling ill hiding their symptoms so that they can remain on course to start their TC in September. Let’s also not forget that there is a 1-2 week period in which people can remain asymptomatic.

The vast majority of students are unlikely to become seriously ill with this disease, but we all have relatives who could. The exams should not be taking place in their current form.


Bifford Bantz

Voice of reason, hear hear. BPP shambles non-shocka

James Snowflake

The August resit exam results are normally released in October. Not April of the following year. Try asking someone instead of your mate who found out from making it up as she went along.

Firms aren’t helping. They could delay starts. They don’t seem to want to


Bpp clearly do not care about their students wellbeing. Despite giving students the choice to attend they have sent bulletins that are scaring people to do the exam. There are students who have been to Italy skiing as close as last week who are planning on attending. Additionally, despite it being true that young people aren’t at risk, if you carry the virus either on your clothing or carry it without symptoms and pass it to older or vulnerable family members they are at risk. Bpp are leaving students with the choice of making life or death decisions and only care about not wasting the money they have paid for the exam hall. Meanwhile universities including lpc competitors have cancelled exams and have student well being at the forefront of their minds. It’s shambolic and frankly negligent of bpp to host the exam that is going ahead on Tuesday.


University of Law

Lmao Accelerated Course at ULaw Moorgate is still having exams on Friday and the Mon/Wed week after. Everyone freaking tf out



Why? If you are under 30 then what is the problem with going to an exam unless you have a very serious respiratory condition.


University of Law

We all have family members…



Stay away from them and get on with it, snowflake.



Hardoooo in the room!

Get real...

And those of us who LIVE with our elderly/compromised relatives?


The fact someone as absurd as you could potentially be within the legal field really is embarrassing for us all,

Try growing up mate


Captain Obvious

Lots of people have vulnerable relatives.

You know coronavirus passes from person to person, right?



The worst part is that the BPP exam is on the EU law, which should become obsolete in a year anyway. Wish we never entered the EU in the first place(



Moaning snowflakes. Sit the exams and STFU.





This article is kind of misleading re ULaw, gives the false impression that the uni has taken all precautionary measures – should clarify that LPC students are still having to go in for exams


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