Morrison & Foerster dishes out ‘appreciation bonuses’ to London lawyers

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Up to £12.5k

London lawyers at US outfit Morrison & Foerster are to receive special “appreciation bonuses” in recognition of their “extraordinary efforts” during the pandemic.

The San Fran-headquartered outfit confirmed trainees and business support staff will also pick up one-off cash awards. MoFo’s annual bonus programme for UK associates remains unaffected.

A spokesperson for the firm said:

“[W]e awarded a special appreciation bonus to associates and trainee solicitors to recognise their extraordinary efforts and commitment to our clients and communities throughout 2020, balancing the demands of remote work with pressing family obligations, and other challenges, during the pandemic.”

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The bonuses range from £5,000 to £12,500, RollOnFriday reports, and are awarded regardless of hours billed.

MoFo isn’t the first outfit to dish out additional financial awards in light of the lockdown. Milbank, Akin Gump and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett have all provided COVID bonuses of up to £31,000 to their UK lawyers.

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Hungry Mark

Should I have fish and chips or chips and fish for lunch today ?



Have a can of Stella and some Jelly Tots my good man


Hungry Mark

I don’t need alcohol to have a good time. No need to poison myself with that muck.


The balled of Hungry Mark

Mark eats a lot of cake. On his own. He wonders what it must be like to be one of the fun, popular people but he knows he will never understand. “Tomorrow will be better”, he says as he turns out the light. But he knows and we know it will not be.


US 2nd yr

Did they also pay COVID bonuses last summer/autumn or is this effectively a catch-up on the US firms that paid those bonuses?

Side note: good on MoFo for including the trainees and business support staff in this bonus round – more firms should do this.



Lol peanuts. About to cash in on this $GME dollaaaaa


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Only £12,500? *Laughs in USD*


Kirkland NQ

Barely enough for a tank of premium unleaded for the Lambo lol



Oh STFU it’s boring now


I agree Simon, we all agree

It was initially funny a few years back when it first started but I don’t think it’s the same guy who came up with the Kirk nq joke still writing it in the comments.

Clearly someone (or some people) are stretching out a joke which died a long time ago.

The joke initially was satire and purely sarcastic but now it’s turned into snobbery and elitism to look down on others. It’s not fun nor funny anymore.


Latham NQ

Lol is that it?



Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for the peanuts we were promised last year.



And now they announce redundancies….



Didn’t they just account redundancies? What an awful firm


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