City Law School launches student-staffed environmental law clinic

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Latest pro bono offering sees aspiring lawyers work on green policy and legal problems

Law students at City, University of London will have an opportunity to tackle environmental legal issues thanks to a new pro bono partnership with a national charity.

City Law School has teamed up with the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF), a charity that helps people use the law to protect and improve their local environment, to launch a free legal advice clinic staffed by students.

Under the supervision of qualified lawyers, City’s green-minded future lawyers will help draft a policy document focusing on the attitudes of London local authorities to the climate emergency, as well as supply free support and advice to clients with environmental legal issues.

The Environmental Law Advice Clinic will be headed by Ffyon Reilly, assistant dean for clinical legal education, and assisted by pro bono coordinator Paula Allen.

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Reilly commented:

“The Environmental Law Foundation is one of the UK’s foremost advocacy groups. We are pleased to partner with ELF, and they will assist our students to apply the laws relating to some of the immediate threats faced in our environments around air pollution, biodiversity and climate change. We are thrilled that our students will be of service to individuals and institutions in our communities in this way.”

The ELF already runs a number of student-staffed clinics in partnership with universities, including the University of Birmingham, Cardiff University, Nottingham Trent University, and The University of Law in London.

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LOL at the number of barristers who are proud British Airways frequent flyers.

I’d rather spend my time traveling and enjoying life than trying to score imaginary ‘CV Points’ to impress people who ultimately couldn’t care less about their own carbon footprint.

Enjoy the economy check in, buddy

Still, always checking in at First Class whatever class of ticket you have, hiding from the masses in the First Class lounge and getting lots of free or cheap flights is lovely. Flights are about 3% of the UK’s carbon emissions, so it really is not a big deal.

Geoff Beacon

A Parliamentary answer says 13%.

“Using a radiative forcing multiplier of two, emissions from flights departing the UK contributed approximately 13 per cent. of total UK emissions in 2005.”

Anon kun

Just what we need, more woke politically motivated lawyers. The green brigade will be the new immigration gravy train. Lots of government money, no real oversight, victory at all costs.

Not Woke

At a time when so many of our community are suffering and need legal help, the obsession of students to assist woke causes like green campaigns and say;ium seekers is most disappointing.

Not awake

Great point! Between us let’s compile a list of the types of people who are really suffering in our community but which aren’t woke causes. Give us your best 10 and I’ll add some….


I would but the lists keeping failing the censorship police.



Not awake

Thought so. You can’t list the ‘so many of our community suffering who need legal help’ because you have no idea. You just needed to make your petty point about woke students. Don’t pretend to care. At least some people are trying to do something to promote access to justice.

Experienced Rep

But you as one volunteer can’t change legislation or really gain ‘access to justice’ yourself.

It’s ironic that were you to experience all the racist/harassing behaviour you abhor from others as a volunteer, you can’t go to a tribunal and have an independent judge look at the evidence. Only employees can do that.

Have you noticed why no-one ‘woke’ or ‘virtue signalling’ ever mentions this discrepancy in accessing ‘justice’? Predatory people need access to empathetic victims. They don’t want to be caught, so of course it might suit them to keep the law exactly as it is.

Don’t be so ‘woke’ that you stay asleep.


Not awake, I’ve tried and there is a real list. We have English families facing job losses, deadbeats, loss of business and homes, loss of or denial of benefits, good hard working citizens. We have English white working class kids, especially boys, denied social mobility and that is worsened now by the woke’s obsession with race and sex (and gender now they think it is so different). There is plenty we can do to help citizens advice, employment advice, debt advice, housing advice, discrimination protections, but no, the students want to represent alleged asylum seekers and save newts. The ordinary people of England are being treated with contempt by the privileged educational elite.

Not The Jealous Type

How parochial.

How exactly are BAME people stopping White working class men from studying for A Levels and choosing to go to university?

Can you me exactly how they are being ‘stopped’ by other people?


Straw man argument. Spoken like someone who has no idea what challenges there are form those from a poor background who have the wrong accent.


How can an admissions officer looking at UCAS forms know what someone’s accent is like or what their parents do for a living????


LOL – it’s like you believe anyone who isn’t ‘English’ can’t possibly be ‘hardworking’, ‘denied social mobility’ or suffer from ‘job losses’.

When my Oxbridge college tried taking kids from one of the most deprived parts of the UK around the buildings, the kids were really excited. However, they immediately lost all interest as soon as the Dean said you needed good GCSEs to get in.

This really has nothing to do with ‘wokeness’.


No, the issues affect everyone but first, the woke approach this from a perspective that effectively excludes protecting white working class English and second, in these extreme times we should look after our own first, or at the very least not ignore them and use precious resources to assist those who are not British.

The David Beckham of Law

Please put THIS on a TC application form.

Exactly this. Oh pretty please, promise me you will?


“these extreme times we should look after our own first, or at the very least not ignore them and use precious resources to assist those who are not British.”

Maybe the reason why Latham, Weil and HSBC didn’t offer you a job isn’t because you are ‘working class’, but because they are interested in people willing to make money for businesses in the USA, Hong Kong and other international financial centres?


DB (tragic choice of name) and Anon, weak attempts to resort to the ad hominem based on false assumptions. I am doing very well thank you very much, work where I wanted to work and do plenty of international work. I am just one of the many tired of this woke nonsense. I’m sick of the force feeding of the sex and ethnicity agenda without proper challenge or question and the fact this misses the bigger problems of socioeconomic barriers in the legal profession and worse still makes those barriers worse.

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