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The top legal affairs news stories from this morning and the weekend

Lord Falconer apologises for calling Covid a ‘gift’ for lawyers [BBC News]

Warrant served on UK law firm over alleged 1MDB assets [The Guardian]

Queen’s lawyer ‘lobbied Government for law change to conceal wealth from public’ [The Mirror]

Buckingham palace denies intervention over Queen’s shareholdings [The Times] (£)

Zero Covid is a mirage, says Jonathan Sumption — the virus is here to stay and we all (even Sage scientists) need to learn to live with it [Daily Mail]

White collar lawyers predict boom times under Biden [Financial Times] (£)

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Almost a third of prosecutions under coronavirus laws dropped, review shows [The Independent]

Employers could insist all staff get vaccinated under health and safety law [The Telegraph]

Domestic abuse victims stalked as family courts share refuge addresses with ex-partners, commissioner warns [The Independent]

Maternity leave law change for Attorney General Suella Braverman [BBC News]

Former Sussex University student becomes law chief in Malawi [Brighton & Hove News]

“This video is evidence of a coup. You can laugh all you want but you just witnessed the death of democracy in Handforth.” [Legal Cheek Comments]

Virtual student event: Secrets to Success North — with CMS, Fieldfisher, Mills & Reeve and ULaw [Legal Cheek Events]

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I think the Independent means alleged victims rather than victims. And not clear what is meant by ‘stalking.



Please use that as a defence when you turn up outside a woman’s shelter –

“Officer, she is only an ALLEGED victim in there. And I don’t know what you mean by ‘stalking’!”



I wouldn’t recommend confusing alleged victims with actual victims. Or talking about ‘stalking’ without saying what is meant by it.

What is the ‘stalking’ referred to in The Independent? Sounds like you don’t know either.



Why would an ‘officer’ be there if someone goes to a womens’ shelter.



I used to volunteer at a WA shelter. We called the police regularly when ex partners turned up outside screaming to be let in and even threatening to burn the building down with their kids (and us) still inside.

The CAB where I used to volunteer also had a metal door outside the upstairs corridor to stop people from entering the staff office and threatening volunteers.

Get back to me when you’ve bothered to ever deal with the general public in any capacity.



How does what you describe at the WA have anything to fo with the general public? And how is what you allege ‘stalking’?

Was the metal door at the CAB ever needed?

Come back to me when you stop thinking that the general public is something people need protected from.

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