Judge uses ‘International Teddy Act 1908’ to help child adopt his teddies

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Young boy penned letter to the Family Court of Western Australia 🧸

An Aussie judge has approved a seven-year-old boy’s request to adopt a “hug” of teddy bears.

The young boy had written to the Family Court of Western Australia, asking if he could adopt his six teddies.

The judge responded with a heartwarming letter saying that his request had been granted under the fictitious “International Teddy Act of 1908”.

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“In the matter of Mr D, Baby D, Brown Bear, Bamboo, Special Teddy Jnr and Tiny,” the court order reads.

“Before a Teddy in chambers.

“Application having been made under the International Teddy Act 1908 for an adoption order in relation to a hug of teddies known as Mr D, Baby D, Brown Bear, Bamboo, Special Teddy Jnr and Tiny who reside in … Western Australia.”

“It is ordered that [the teddies] be adopted by [the boy] to be treated lovingly as child and teddies.”

The court document had been shared online by a relative of the boy who said he was not sure how many similar requests the court receives but “this seemed to go above and beyond. Thank you.”

It attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of messages.

“I’m glad it brought lots of people joy,” the boy’s uncle said.

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