Clydes and BLM to vote on merger

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Partners at international law firm Clyde & Co and insurance heavyweight BLM will vote on whether to merge or not, it has been announced.

If approved, the newly-formed firm will boast around 3,300 legal professionals, including partners, and annual revenues of £735 million.

Although nothing is finalised, the duo confirmed detailed discussions had taken place and due diligence is now complete.

The Legal Cheek Firms Most List 2022 shows Clydes is the bigger of the firms, with an annual trainee intake of around 45. BLM, meanwhile, takes on around 25 rookies each year. Both outfits scored an A for training in our latest Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey.

The 2022 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

Rumours of a possible tie-up first emerged in November last year, although both firms declined to comment on them specifically at the time.

Clydes said the deal would enable it to grow and provide the full scope of services, technology, data analytics and innovation that clients in the insurance market require.

“We consider a merger such as this the best way to realise these ambitions,” a spokesperson said. “BLM is a firm we have long admired and we believe a merger can be formed on the basis of our complementary client rosters and our shared focus on quality.”

A spokesperson for BLM said both outfits are “dominant in risk and insurance and our respective businesses complement each other”. They added: “Whilst Clyde & Co is a global business, we both have an extremely strong presence in the insurance sector in the UK and Ireland. Clyde & Co also boasts a strong offering in business and advisory services.”

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When a 5 tries to date a 9


Definitely punching still but not sure about 9/10

Is Clydes really a 9?


NRF Associate

Don’t you mean when a 1.5 tries to date a 1.9?


SullCrom 3PQE (Equivalent to 16 PQE at NRF)

If we go by your scale, NRF comes in at a strong 2.1/10.



Hush SullCrom – back to work – haven’t you got some deal to hash out no one gives a flying fish about but you will proceed to tell everyone on linkedin how you are so pleased blah blah blah.
p.s. – you probably haven’t seen it in 3 years, but the sun is out today 🙂


Fried chick

Who is the 5 and who the 9?



Who and who?


Not Vic Gundotra

To borrow from a Google exec commenting on Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia to try to compete in mobile, “two turkeys don’t make an eagle.”



It feels like a death spiral of mediocrity.


college dropout

you just know most of the comments on here are from law students at mediocre universities thinking they’ll get into MC because they read legalcheek regularly. I know this, because I am one of them.


MC Recruiter

I very much enjoy the hate they show towards MC while waxing lyrical about US firms too. Yes I am sure you will be one of the lucky 10 they hire yearly – no need to bother yourself with the trivial MC 😉 Even here your chances are only about 100 in 8,000 (less than that really given the amount of hires from schemes too, not just TC apps).


Fed up with Hello Fresh adverts

I’m glad I didn’t read LC before getting my TC.

While I love the insights and off the record comments, the overall comment section is quite toxic and bitter towards certain firms which I wonder may have affected the firms I applied to.



I honestly read BLM in the headline as ‘Black Lives Matter’


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