Irwin Mitchell hands lawyers £900 to help with rising cost of living

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One-off profit share payment to be paid out this month

Irwin Mitchell is to make a one-off payment of £900 to lawyers and staff “in light of the challenging external circumstances affecting the cost of living”.

The payment will be made in April’s payroll for the majority of employees, up to and including senior associates, according to an internal memo seen by Legal Cheek and sent to staff on Thursday.

“Thank you for your continued hard work and commitment throughout this year,” the firm’s group chief executive, Andrew Tucker, said in the email.

Irwin Mitchell has set aside a share of the profit it expects to deliver this year to finance the gesture, which is understood to be the first of its kind in the legal sector.

An Irwin Mitchell spokesperson said: “In light of the challenging external circumstances affecting the cost of living, we’ve taken the decision to make a one-off payment of £900 in April’s salary to most colleagues. We’re making this payment as an acknowledgement of the challenges some colleagues are currently facing from increases in the cost of living, in particular fuel and energy prices.”

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The additional payment will not impact the firm’s annual pay review or bonus calculations which will take place as usual in June and July.

Hogan Lovells this month launched a pro bono clinic to support the public with rising living costs. The firm’s lawyers, including trainees, offer guidance on benefits and support funds.

Around this time last year, Irwin Mitchell, like several other law firms, paid out to lawyers and staff a special appreciation bonus in recognition of their efforts during the pandemic.

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US firm 3PQE

This wouldn’t even cover a week of my Deliveroos… 😉



You must be one fat, unhealthy, slob.



Not when you can order your gear like that too nowadays.



Good on them. This will really help employees, especially with those on lower salaries. It shows an actual understanding of the real life issues facing many of the people in their business.

Although I’m sure there will be many snarky comments incoming from well-off lawyers at more prestigious firms, £900 is much better than the usual ‘all in this together’ platitudes heard at most other firms.



Surely increase in wages is way to go rather than one off payments. Is the rising cost of living one off? I think not.



I use to work for them and this is a front.


More pocket money for Dishy Rishy

The Taxman Cometh!



Complete joke and all those comments on LinkedIn raving on this make me want to throw up.

Its half that after tax and if a senior associate needs that, they seriously need to consider increasing their salaries.

Will help temporarily for those on lower salaries but they’ll be struggling again in a couple of months. The way forward is a proper salary increase. This is just a cheap way to get away with not paying them more.



Also want to vom all over myself at people thanking their lucky magical chocolate stars for such a moonbeam of an employer. Hate Linkedin, cant call these people out without everyone on Linkedin seeing it and you being the baddie.



BTW, half of you liking my comment above probably humble brad about something on Linkedin. You all make me sick.


Humble Brad

Hey I make good content!



As good as the posts about the tiny box of chocolates they get for a good job…


Kirkland NQ

The ‘land were thinking of doing this, but give us the same percentage of our salary as £900 represents to Irwin Mitchell staff. Unfortunately they realised they’d need to be bought out by the sovereign wealth fund of a Middle Eastern petro state to fund this so decided against it. We struggle on.


Not impressed tbh

nothing other than a tokenistic measure, if they wanted to actually help they’d pay their staff a decent salary


Stiff Upper

Just put on a jumper, leftists. The average house temperature used to be around 16C not it is 20-21C. Don’t moan about cost of living and climate change when the answer to both is a jumper.



This is unnecessarily harsh. I in fact don’t wear any clothes in my flat because I find them quite restrictive. As such, I require the thermostat to be set at a more toasty 25. Who are you to tell me what I should or shouldn’t wear?


Stiff Upper

If you can afford the bills, do what you want. The problem is the moaners who want subsidies and taxpayers to fund them.



Adding being comfortable in our own homes to the list boomers are adamant only THEY can benefit from, alongside affordable housing and free education.


Stiff Upper

What’s funny is that you Tickity-Tokkers don’t bother to vote, so we get the government we want and you get another 5 years to moan and groan about it. You canted Jeremy Corbyn songs at Glastonbury and then stayed at home watching Netflix on election day.



Meanwhile, paying £20k+ less than the competition in the regions, with no plans to change…



All I got was a piece of string and a pat on the back from my firm. Not even enough to make a jumper 🤬


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