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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

The dropping of “The Bill of Rights” – and why it is both good and bad news [The Law and Policy Blog]

Can Lewis do justice? [A Lawyer Writes]

Criminal barristers need the patience of monks but we have not taken vows of poverty [Barrister Blogger]

Time to lift Indian trade barriers for legal services [The Times] (£)

‘Can’t Be Evil’ NFT license – A tentative NFT worldwide license standard [IPKat]

Criminal barristers go on strike – how did we get here? [Legal Cheek]

Housing policy must prioritise bytes alongside bricks [Legal Futures]

Green Pills [Oxford Business Law Blog]

“Perry Mason inspired my choice to become a lawyer. There was probably no less realistic TV show ever made. Nevertheless, I enjoyed 45+ years of legal practice. Smart people know the difference between entertainment and real life. (I suspect that Top Gun: Maverick isn’t true to life either.)” [Legal Cheek comments]

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