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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Judicial Office slaps down Sunak over Rwanda [The Spectator] (£)

Could the Post Office sue its own former directors and advisers regarding the Horizon scandal? [The Law and Policy Blog]

Common decency vs the Post Office [The New European]

Carr lays down the law [A Lawyer Writes]

The rights of the child? [The Critic]

The inside story of two rape trials: ‘It’s as bad as I’ve ever known it’ [The Guardian]

Explainer: South Africa v Israel at the International Court of Justice [Critical Legal Thinking]

Gaza war: how South Africa’s genocide case against Israel is shaping up [The Conservation]

Halsey and beyond: The Court of Appeal’s discretion on compelling parties to use ADR [Legal Cheek Journal]

Is ‘Brummiephobia’ a hate crime now? [Spiked]

What if Corporate Law Reform was not Timid? Necessary Corporate Reform Beyond ‘Corporate Purpose’ for a Sustainable Planet [Oxford Business Law Blog]

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