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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

How the next general election in the United Kingdom is now less than a year away [The Law and Policy Blog]

How the Tories gave up on liberty [The Spectator] (£)

When families separate [A Lawyer Writes]

Nicola Sturgeon and the WhatsApp Group of Secrets [The Critic]

Gowns, wigs and spectacle: here’s why I took Laurence Fox to court – and why my victory matters [The Guardian]

Taylor Swift deepfakes: a legal case from the singer could help other victims of AI pornography [The Conservation]

Chris Rowe: The legality of the new minimum income requirement [UK Constitutional Law Association]

The Law Is an Ass: Goodbye to the Knock-Out Blow – Potanin v Potanina: the Supreme Court Decision [Financial Remedies Journal]

How the government is seeking to change the law on Rwanda so as to disregard the facts [The Empty City]

Why the House of Lords can and should delay the Rwanda Bill [Prospect] (free, but registration required)