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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Non-fatal strangulation and suffocation: Why was this new offence necessary and what has been its impact? [Legal Cheek Journal]

Human rights? [A Lawyer Writes]

Is public health a protected belief? [The Critic]

Modern slavery: how the UK government’s 2023 reforms made it harder for victims to prove they are being exploited [The Conversation]

South Africa v Israel: Bosnia v Serbia 2.0? [International Law Blog]

A close look at the law and policy of holding a Northern Ireland border poll – and how the law may shape what will be an essentially political decision [Prospect]

Artificial Persons in the AI Age [Oxford Business Law Blog]

Britain’s two-tier justice system [Spiked]

“The next Post Office scandal”: how HMRC persecutes the victims of fraud [The New Statesman]

Freedom of expression and offensive political Emails: an important assertion of a fundamental right [UK Human Rights Blog]

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