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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Crypto Failures: Contract, Property and Regulatory Law [Oxford Business Law Blog]

Bill in the post [A Lawyer Writes]

The ECHR compromises British agents [The Spectator] (£)

Affirmative consent campaign calls for sexual assault law change in England and Wales – but this approach has pitfalls, too [The Conversation]

Michael Gove’s new definition of “extremism” is extremely silly [The Critic]

Palaces of Justice or just places? [The Bar Council]

Anonymisation of civil judgments: a routine failure to follow open justice rules [INFORRM’s Blog]

The UK’s Rwanda policy and Lessons from Australia [UK Constitutional Law Association]

Right to roam: paths to 2,500 public areas are being blocked by landowners due to outdated laws [The Conversation]

The scandal of Scotland’s illiberal hate crime law [The Spectator] (£)

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