Lawyer transforms Zoom workwear with the ‘facsuit’

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Perfect for the WFH solicitor in your life

An enterprising lawyer has just revolutionised Zoom attire with their latest invention: the Facade suit, or ‘Facsuit’ for short.

“Why ‘dress up’ when it’s just a video meeting? says inventor Ken Carlson, a US lawyer specialising in landlord and tenant law. “Stay in your civies and just hang one of these in front of you. They’ll never know.”

The unusual product comprises a shaped cardboard sheet, onto which a jacket, shirt, and, in some cases, tie, are stapled.

The Facsuit can then be positioned in front of the user to give the appearance of being properly dressed, when in fact the lawyer, banker, or other professional can wear whatever they like behind the facade. “Business meetings will never be the same again,” the product’s website proclaims.

You can see a full demo of the Facsuit in action below:

“We have come to enjoy working from home, avoiding the commute, having more quality time at home, and even handling home matters during work breaks,” says Carlson. “The spoiler is the expectation that you still have to wear a suit and tie on these video calls, even if it’s just a few minutes.”

“Who wants to get dressed up just for that?” the lawyer asks. “Judges get absolutely hostile to a lawyer appearing on video who is not in a suit and tie. The Facsuit is simply the practical compromise, to look like you’re wearing a nice suit and tie where it’s required, and then quickly take the Facsuit off in a second as soon as it’s over.”

A selection of Facsuits on sale, including one already sold out

For those looking to procure what is sure to be the perfect gift for the solicitor or barrister in your life, the good news is that the most affordable Facsuits are only $30-$60 (without shipping). Whilst the quality of this cheaper offering is branded as “Gag/joke”, those who are more fashion conscious may choose to opt for the $151-$250 “luxury” option.

Budding entrepreneurs and tailors, may, however, wish to make use of the product’s seller offering. The site allows people to become Facsuit producers, offering a step-by-step guide to producing the garments, and even an online marketplace to sell them.

“For those interested in making these, preliminary market testing shows that these will be very popular, flying off the shelves,” the website boasts. “[They] present an unprecedented job opportunity for those who are still struggling with the economy, and looking for extra income.”

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Instead of going to all this trouble, why not just go to the office? Typical of the youth today, too busy putting effort into nefarious schemes rather than actual hard work. I do hope work from home is made illegal soon, I have written to my local MP on this subject enough times.


Or, hear me out…just change your clothes.


You’re a maverick!


I get it.


Just buy any Halloween costume on the cheap from Spirit. Same quality and likely the same price point.

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