7 Bedford Row

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Read the comments about 7 Bedford Row from the Legal Cheek Junior Barrister 2019-20 below.

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“Members are always putting on internal training for others, and any member will happily advise or support juniors if we aren’t sure about something.”

“I genuinely think we have one of the best pupillage models out there: 3 x 4-month periods in completely different practice areas”

“A huge amount of investment and support, professionally and otherwise is on offer. Senior members actually care about the juniors and want them to maximise their potential.”

“There are not many common-law pupillages left, and this one is the best.”

“Members in chambers often put on seminars or short update talks for one another”


“Such a variety at the junior end that it is actually quite good fun.”

“Fantastic quality blood and guts crime and opportunities for SFO/FCA work if you want it.”

“It’s extremely varied at the junior end and there’s never a dull day.”

“Really good mix, challenging work. Chambers has far better work than people think!”


“My friends outside work think it’s weird how well we all get on. Members are genuinely supportive to each other and I have honestly never felt a sense of unpleasant competitiveness over work. We share.”

“It sounds cheesy, but most of my contemporaries are also just good friends now.”

“Pupils are not in competition with one another. We want to see each other succeed.”

“They’re a family.”

“There is genuinely always someone who is actively happy to help you out.”


“Snazzy new refurb throughout the entire building this year – looking good. Plenty of space and everyone who wants one has their own desk.”

“Or at least it will be a 10 once a big refurb we are currently undertaking is finished in the autumn.”

“A huge refurbishment project has delivered state of the art facilities.”

“The place has just been refurbished to a high spec.”

“We are mid-refurbishment — the new facilities are going to be incredible.”


“There’s always plenty of work available but no pressure to take more than we feel we can sensibly do.”

“One of the issues of doing multiple practice areas is that it does feel like you’re always juggling cases and keeping plates spinning.”

“It fluctuates. Stimulating and demanding work means personal sacrifices are necessary, but importantly the balance one strikes is seen as a personal choice that is respected by colleagues and enabled by the clerks.”

“Juniors are seldom short of work, and if you tell the clerks you’ve had enough, they get it; but we still work too hard.”

Insider Scorecard

Quality of work
Work/life balance

Insider Scorecard Grades range from A* to D and are derived from the Legal Cheek Junior Barrister Survey 2019-20 of over 600 barristers at the leading chambers in England.

Key Info

Juniors 72
QCs 12
Pupillages 2
Oxbridge-educated new tenants* 4/5

*Figures for the five most junior members of chambers; does not include postgraduate studies


Pupillage award £50,000
BPTC advance drawdown £10,000

Gender Diversity

Female juniors 38%
Female QCs 17%