How to become a human rights lawyer — with Bindmans, Cornerstone Barristers and ULaw

Tuesday 19 July, 4pm to 6pm, taking place virtually

An interest in protecting human rights is what draws many to the law, but only a select few manage to forge a career in this fascinating and important branch of the legal profession.

Getting ahead requires not only intelligence and excellent legal skills, but also passion and commitment to the principles of justice. A resolve to forgo the lavish perks of junior City lawyer life is also central to building a career in this area. The reward is some of the best quality and most varied and fulfilling work around.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 19 July Legal Cheek is partnering with The University of Law (ULaw) to hold a virtual event for aspiring human rights lawyers — featuring a Question Time-style panel discussion from 4-5pm followed by virtual networking until 6pm.

The panel will feature leading human rights lawyers from Bindmans, Cornerstone Barristers, and a legal education expert from ULaw.

Date: Tuesday 19 July 2022
Time: 4pm to 6pm
Location: Virtual event
Level: Students, Graduates

The speakers

Joanna Bennett, solicitor in the actions against police and state team at Bindmans
Estelle Dehon, barrister practicing in public law at Cornerstone Barristers
• Niall Carlin, former barrister and academic practice developer at ULaw

The human rights experts will share careers advice and consider the main issues affecting human rights lawyers now and over the years ahead, while also telling some of their stories from practice.

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