The Legal Cheek UK Virtual Law Fair Series 2024

Legal Cheek‘s autumn 2023 UK Virtual Law Fair series has now concluded. The Fairs took place in September, October and November, with over 5,000 students signing up for each (over 15,000 in total). We’ll be opening registrations for our Spring 2024 Fair in mid-December.

Drawing on Legal Cheek‘s unrivalled law student subscriber and follower base, as well as its extensive campus ambassador network, the Fairs give students from all parts of the UK the opportunity to meet the nation’s leading law firms from their laptops.

Key info

  • Over 50,000 students from over 120 different UK universities have participated in our virtual fairs since their launch three years ago.
  • The only Fairs that all the leading law firms attend, with over 90 firms exhibiting this year.
  • Each of the 2023 Fairs had over 5,000 students sign up, making them the largest legal careers events in the UK.


Tues 26 March 2024, 2-4pm

Applications not yet open

Other Exhibitors

How it works

The Fairs are organised around a central virtual Expo hall, where students can meet 70+ leading law firms and ask questions directly to the firms’ lawyers, graduate recruitment experts and trainees. Running simultaneously to the Expo are six careers and commercial awareness workshops.

The virtual Expo hall

The virtual Expo hall is divided between large, medium and small booths, featuring 70+ leading law firms and law schools.

Check out the Expo hall from a previous Legal Cheek Virtual Law Fair:

Inside the booths there is a livestream that allows students to join in video chats with lawyers, graduate recruitment experts and trainees. Students can also submit written questions in the live chats and browse custom firm content.

Students wander between the booths while also attending any workshops they are interested in.

If you are a law firm who would like to get involved, please contact for more details.