The University of Law, Chester (LPC)

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You may think that Chester feels familiar, if you’ve ever watched Hollyoaks. But in fact, the city’s foundations are Roman. And that’s way before Hollyoaks’ time. What’s more, within one of the best-preserved walled cities in Britain, you can do your LPC.

As if that wasn’t enough, according to its students, ULaw Chester has a “lovely campus” and “great, friendly and supportive staff”. Though it is worth mentioning that the campus is moving in September 2018 into the city centre.

The teaching on the Chester campus scores pretty well: “Some teachers were better than others but overall very decent,” one student tells us. The class sizes are relatively speaking much smaller than at other centres, so there’s more focus on the students and it doesn’t feel as impersonal as some of the larger LPC providers.

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Course materials let the side down somewhat at times and would be better without some “repeated typos and errors”. The exams themselves also reportedly contained the odd error. Meanwhile, for some the online resources are “too confusing” but others reckon they do the job pretty well.

The facilities at the Chester campus are generally “great”. Study spaces have been described as “actually alright”. There’s also 14 acres of surrounding parkland to enjoy. And students say don’t forget to “use the careers and pro bono service!!!!!”

One student moans about the “zero social life”. Chester isn’t the biggest of cities, and it can be very quiet. But it’s not short of students, especially as the University of Chester is nearby – and will be even nearer once ULaw moves to the city centre in 2018.

As with all LPC courses, there is still a huge leap between the course and when you actually start work. As a recent ULaw Chester grad tells us: “It doesn’t matter how well you do on the LPC, it only gives you the basics! When you eventually start working in practice at whatever level or in whatever post, you will quickly realise just how little you know!”


Choose Law Full-Fee Scholarship

Scholarship value £11,950

Set for Success Scholarship

Scholarship value £11,950

The Lord Blunkett Widening Access Award

Scholarship value £3,000

Charles Russell Speechlys Scholarship

Scholarship value £5,000

Law First Scholarship

Scholarship value £3,000

The Rice-Jones Scholarship

Scholarship value £1,000

Key Info

Full time fees £11,950
Part time fees £5,975
Entry requirements 2:2
Full time places Undisclosed
Part time places Undisclosed
Exam format Open and closed book

ULaw offers a total of 4,750 full-time LPC places and 2,000 part-time LPC places across its centres nationally; part-time fees are per year. Under its ‘Employment Promise’, ULaw offers to refund the course fees for any of its LPC graduates who fail to get a job within nine months of completing the course. The refund is made up of 50% cashback plus 50% credit towards further courses.

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