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Located in Leicester a short walk from the city centre, De Montfort Law School offers a range of legal courses for those aspiring to enter the legal profession ­– and has done so since its formation in 1989. It is an experienced provider of the LPC LLM as well as a range of specialist LLMs, and is now also offering a full-time course for the new SQE qualification. Since this leads to a Masters qualification, students can apply for postgraduate funding from the UK government. The course costs £11,450 for UK-based students and £17,950 for international students.

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DMU’s LLM SQE aims to prepare aspiring solicitors with the knowledge and skills needed to undertake the SQE1 and 2 assessments and for life as a solicitor. The course covers key elements such as practical legal research, drafting, advocacy, legal writing and interviewing, and also offer support with wider employability skills.

A key attraction is this: students will have access to the BARBRI SQE Prep software, with its exam-focused study workbooks, materials and mock exams to aid test preparation alongside DMU’s own teaching. By the end of the course, students will have learnt to apply relevant core legal principles and rules at the level of a competent, newly-qualified solicitor across a range of areas, including business law, property law and criminal litigation. In addition to this, students will also be working on a final dissertation which offers the opportunity to personalise the course and deepen understanding of an area of law which is of particular interest.

Students will be taught by legal experts who have real-world experience, from barristers and solicitors to professionals and practitioners, from the international legal world. Moreover, law students can also expect to partake in industry visits, guest lectures, mentorship and internship opportunities.

Teaching and learning is arranged in a ‘block learning’ timetable style, which means that students study one subject at a time, with modules grouped into 5 such ‘blocks’. These are: Business Law and Financial Management in Practice, Property Law and the Administration of Estates in Practice, Dispute Resolution in Practice, Criminal Litigation in Practice and Dissertation in Legal Practice. This structure ensures more in-depth engagement with content as well as a better study-life balance. DMU’s LLM SQE programme also provides each student with an SQE careers tutor, who is a qualified solicitor and can offer careers advice, as well as CV and cover letter support.

Students will largely study at the Hugh Aston Building and The Yard, which house the Faculty of Business and Law. There is access to a dedicated law library at The Hugh Aston Building, as well as spaces that allow for scenario-based learning, which is likely to be helpful for the skills-based elements of the SQE2. These include a crown court, a training courtroom and a simulated Judge’s Chambers suite.


SQE courses


DMU’s LLM SQE is designed to prepare students for the Solicitors Qualifying Examinations (SQE), covering the key knowledge and skills tested in SQE1 and SQE2.

Full-time: 1 year

Cost: £11,450 for UK-based students, £17,950 for international students

Postgraduate law courses

LLM Criminal Justice

This course examines the theory and practice of how the criminal justice system operates. It assesses the efficacy of the law’s processes to achieve justice for the victims of criminal behaviour and those accused of criminal offences. Each module explores a different stage of the criminal justice process, from criminal investigations to sentencing and punishment, and culminates in a research-led portfolio or academic dissertation piece.

LLM Employment Law and Practice

This course consists of four taught modules: Critical Theories and Policies of Employment Law, Individual Employment Rights, Collective Labour Rights and Redundancy, and Equal Opportunities and Discrimination in the Workplace. The course equips students with a comprehensive understanding of the laws that influence HR policies and practices within a business.

LLM International Commercial Law and Practice

This course examines the theory and practice of international commercial law and assesses the efficacy of the law’s processes to regulate commercial transactions. The modules cover contractual relationships in international trade, intellectual property, and regulatory aspects affecting transactions and commercial conduct, such as competition laws and those relating to companies and corporate insolvency, all within the international context.

LLM Medical Law, Ethics and Practice

This course explores the key elements of medical law and their applications in the workplace. The course includes four core modules, followed by a dissertation; Medical Negligence Regulation and Practice, Mental Health, Consent and the Incapacitated Patient, Creation and Termination of Life, and Expert Evidence and Coroner’s Law.

LLM Sustainability, Social Justice and Human Rights Law

This course incorporates a range of modules focusing on the critical aspects of sustainability, social justice, and human rights. It concludes with a dissertation in which students will conduct an in-depth inquiry into their chosen research topic.

Please find below the duration and costs for these courses:

Full-time: 1 year

Cost: £9,950 for UK-based students, £17,200 for international students


Students studying the LLM SQE at De Montfort University will have access to the Hugh Ashton Building and The Yard, home to the university’s Faculty of Business and Law.


Business and Law Postgraduate Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to DMU graduates continuing their postgraduate studies at the university.

Value: 20% discount

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