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How to become a judge when you’re only in your 20s

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The judiciary needs and wants younger judges, one part-time judge and barrister explains how to apply

Legal Cheek's Katie King meets Hardwicke barrister and judge C…

The judiciary wants more judges in their 20s, one young judge tells you how to apply

Posted by Legal Cheek on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

It’s a myth that you have to be old and grey to be a judge, says Hardwicke barrister Charlie Bagot.

Bagot, alongside his practice as a clinical negligence and personal injury barrister, also sits as a part-time judge in the High Court (Queen’s Bench Division), the London county courts and the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal. He first began sitting as a judge about seven years ago, since he was in his mid-30s.

In a conversation with Legal Cheek features editor Katie King filmed from his chambers, Bagot says:

“There’s a really important myth to dispel that you have to be old and grey to be a part-time judge, you really don’t and that’s not the demographic of people that are getting appointed. There’s a bit of a time lag in that message getting across. When I go to training courses, I’m by no means among the young crowd, there are people 15 years younger than me, there are people being appointed as full-time judges that are in their 20s. People need to be motivated and be encouraged to do this at the early stages of their career.”

Though our young readers may think they’re not good enough to make it onto the bench, Bagot thinks this couldn’t be further from the truth. Recent graduates are in many ways better-placed to demonstrate some of the skills and competencies sought by the judiciary, such as being able to work through complex legal information to deadlines. You can find out more about why young lawyers shouldn’t be deterred from the bench and, if you fancy it, how to apply by watching the video above.

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