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Open thread: How to become a City lawyer

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RPC trainees Umut Bektas and Emily Rome advise

As the 2017-18 graduate recruitment year gets underway, and law firms head out to university campuses across the UK, RPC trainees Umut Bektas and Emily Rome are joining us for the next hour below the line on Legal Cheek.

The duo will be on hand to answer any questions you’d like to ask about becoming a City lawyer, including applications for vac schemes and training contracts, and more general insights about what it’s like to be a trainee solicitor.

Having studied sociology at LSE, Bektas did the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) at BPP University Law School before securing a training contract at RPC. He has just started his first seat.

Rome took a similar route, converting to law after completing a classical civilisation and philosophy degree at Nottingham University. She is now a third seat trainee.

Ask them anything you like about City law in the comments section of this article from 1pm, where they will be taking questions until 2pm. Comments are now closed.

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