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How to get people to give you money to become a lawyer

Bagging a scholarship isn't as hard as students often imagine.

Feb 20 2014 2:49pm

‘Not everyone who drops sh*t on you is your enemy’

During a journey from academia to management retiring University of Law president Nigel Savage accumulated a few basic rules.

Feb 14 2014 9:03am

‘Life is a series of encounters with toasted cheese sandwiches at windswept train stations’

While being a public law barrister can be thrilling and rewarding, it's often less glamorous than people imagine.

Feb 7 2014 11:18am

From Bath Spa to Clifford Chance: how a history graduate who bungled his A-Levels made it to the Magic Circle

We met one of the winners of Clifford Chance's much-talked about 'CV blind' scheme.

Jan 27 2014 11:47am

12 things law students do say

The Facebook sensation Things Law Students Don’t Say (TLSDS) has received almost 23,000 likes by...

Jan 22 2014 9:22am

How to ace a winter vac scheme

After navigating the tortuous application process… …you’ve made it onto a prized winter vac scheme....

Dec 13 2013 11:30am

How to bag a pupillage during the BPTC

Kaplan Law School head of careers Gemma Baker (pictured below) tells Legal Cheek’s Alex Aldridge...

Dec 3 2013 12:12pm

How to land a training contract during the Graduate Diploma in Law

Legal Cheek’s Alex Aldridge met University of Law employability programme manager Joanne Rourke and picked...

Nov 21 2013 1:14pm

11 things not to say at a law fair

With the law fair season in full swing, we persuaded Norton Rose Fulbright’s graduate recruitment...

Nov 6 2013 12:50pm

How can you tell what type of lawyer you’re destined to be?

One of the main problems faced by law students as they attempt to land training...

Oct 22 2013 2:08pm

7 useful pieces of advice from ‘If I knew then what I know now at the Google Campus’

Above: from left to right — Mark Lewis, PJ Kirby QC, Jeremy Hopkins, Nicky Richmond,...

Oct 17 2013 1:51pm

Dream, identify your passion…and then apply: how to bag a TC or pupillage as a non-law student

Earlier this year Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks urged students to make time to “dream” before...

Oct 8 2013 12:26pm

Revealed: what ‘commercial awareness’ actually means

Despite the term’s omnipresence in the world of legal graduate recruitment, few wannabe lawyers properly...

Jul 3 2013 11:05am