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10 insights into what it’s really like to be a City law firm trainee and how you can become one

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RPC’s ‘Life in a law firm’ project lifts lid on the rookie lawyer experience


Ahead of the 31 January vacation scheme application deadline, the trainee solicitors who run RPC‘s @LifeInALawFirm account took to Twitter to answer students’ questions about what it’s really like to be a lawyer in the City of London. There were some revealing insights…

1. Nice determined people do well

2. The working world is different to academia

3. The City gets the adrenalin pumping

4. The sexiest practice areas aren’t always the ones which flaunt it

5. Trainees aren’t hidden away from clients

6. Think hard about why you want to apply to a firm

7. To ace a vac scheme behave like a trainee

8. Firms aren’t fussy about the precise academic route you take

9. Find a way to relax on an assessment day and you’ll do OK

10. The most important meal of the day is breakfast

NB. Breakfast is clearly important to the trainees who run @LifeInALawFirm.

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