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Training contract interview horror stories

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Students share howlers to mark Halloween


An online platform has been devised for wannabe lawyers to share their past interview nightmares.

BPP University Law School’s ‘Career Horror Stories’ encourages readers to “recoil in the horror of interview nightmares” and share their career faux pas — and there are some howlers.

Highlights include a would-be lawyer answering “no comment” when faced with probing questions from a large law firm, and a flustered interviewee accidentally tipping a urine sample out of their bag onto the interviewers’ table.

The latter wannabe lawyer recollects:

I arrived slightly flustered and in front of the interview panel ended up having to empty my entire bag on to the table to find my notes and retrieve my mobile phone to ensure I had switched it off. Out of my bag and on to the table came all my belongings: diary, glasses case, mobile phone, pen………………and urine sample for the hospital appointment.

Other classics include a story from a student who turned up to an interview a day early, and another from a solicitor-to-be who was mocked by lawyers at a top ten global law firm for being the “king of superlatives” after a slightly over-zealously completed application form.

Not content with letting readers have a good old laugh at tragic interview mishaps, BPP provides career service tips at the end of each horror story to stop others making the same mistake.

BPP’s director of the Legal Practice Course (LPC), Jo-Anne Pugh, commented:

Overcoming obstacles and having a resilient mind-set are key skills to have throughout your legal career and we wanted to use the Halloween period to demonstrate, in a light-hearted way, that no matter what the situation, someone else has been there and survived.

The law school has also taken to Twitter to share its Halloween excitement by encouraging lawyers to tweet their best horror movie puns.

We enjoyed ‘The Blair Witch Pro Bono Project’ and ‘The Texas Chainsaw Barrister’.

The Legal Cheek editorial team has also had a go.

You can share your horror stories this Halloweekend by selecting ‘Tell Us Your Horror Story’ on the site’s home page, and share your best horror movie titles using the hashtag #legalhorrormovie.