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Law lectures will not survive much longer, says Oxford academic

Make way for the internet age of legal education

Jun 15 2017 9:04am

Meet the Miss Cambridge beauty queen forging a career in legal academia

PhD student sheds light on why there are so many law students competing in pageants

Oct 28 2016 9:04am

Controversial ‘Rate Your Lecturer’ website features 3 law lecturers in its Top 10

Since it launched at the beginning of the month, RateYourLecturer.co.uk has aroused the ire of...

Jun 20 2013 12:52pm

‘I Fear That I Was Too Ready To Treat The View Of The Experienced As Gospel’

Ed note: This is the latest post in the ‘If I knew then what I...

Dec 21 2012 11:31am

Lawyers Are Like Meerkats And Naked Vole Rats, Claims Ex-Freshfields Managing Partner

Thought that corporate law was all about the survival of the fittest and the drive...

Jul 23 2012 9:29am