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Why I left Linklaters to work on a game for people with dementia

'I miss the people and I miss the team, but with great risk comes great reward'

Feb 6 2017 9:18am

The dark side of media law

Legal Cheek reviews the must-read legal novel of the summer

Jul 18 2016 9:51am

The solicitors that took their chances on publishing and cake making — without giving up their legal careers

Legal Cheek meets the lawyers that bucked the trend and started up their own businesses

Feb 17 2016 9:05am

How Jihadi John journalist used law degree and barrister training to kick-start his career

University of Westminster grad credits LLB and bar course with putting him on road to success

Feb 11 2016 9:34am

Millennial lawyers are getting sick of their jobs even faster than previous generations

32% of UK lawyer job seekers are applying for non-legal roles -- up from 24% in 2007, finds study

Sep 9 2015 9:05am

From the magic circle dream to ‘a grim reality of being over-worked, under-valued and unhappy’

The biggest challenge is admitting to others that you are unhappy, says Oxford-educated law exile Martin Underwood

Aug 27 2015 11:43am

Don’t choose a career because it ‘sounds cool’ — but do cool things after you’ve chosen it

In the latest post in the ‘If I knew then what I know now’ series,...

Jun 28 2013 11:00am

Exclusive footage of the legal aid solicitor who has quit law to become a busker

The news that a criminal defence solicitor had quit law to become a busker caused...

Jun 12 2013 9:58am

The Post-BPTC Files: Starting An Internship Aged 28 ‘Wasn’t The Life I’d Envisaged’ – But It Worked Out Alright

Editorial note: Last month Gemma Amran turned the conventional pupillage hunt narrative on its head...

Aug 3 2012 7:06am

Fashion Law: It’s Booming, Darling

Jobless LPC students and law graduates, have you considered fashion law? Suddenly, everyone seems to...

Mar 7 2012 3:57pm

Solicitor Wows YouTube With Rap Video

Steve Wilson, a partner in the accident and injury claims team at Sills & Betteridge...

Feb 9 2012 1:06pm

Escape Routes From The Law: Doing a Hollywood

For the legions of training contract hunters out there, being a lawyer is a dream....

Jan 24 2012 11:00am

Alternative Careers: Working for a Legal Charity

LawWorks’ Alasdair Stewart on why there’s more to life than training contracts When I started...

Jan 23 2012 9:50am

Julian Assange’s ex-Lawyer Re-Brands as Fitness Guru

Yesterday, it was with considerable surprise that I happened upon ‘Jogging with the FT: Mark...

Jan 9 2012 3:17pm

Cash-Strapped Legal Aid Lawyers Top Up with Part-time Work

Solicitor takes on paper-round, as barrister’s fitness dominatrix sideline flourishes Recent cuts to legal aid...

Jan 5 2012 3:14pm


Follow @pondcat Law graduates’ transferable skills give them an advantage in the non-legal job market,...

Dec 13 2011 9:33am

#RoundMyKitchenTable: LAWYERS AND PR

Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge, whose flat’s central heating is broken, turns on his oven...

Dec 2 2011 11:12am