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‘You Wouldn’t Behave Like That In Court’: Barrister MP Told Off For Heckling Ed Miliband At PMQs

At yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, criminal barrister-turned-MP Michael Ellis heckled Ed Miliband so loudly that...

Jan 31 2013 10:05am

39 Essex Street Barrister Justine Thornton Unveils Her Christmas Card

Pictured alongside hubby Ed, a politician, and her two young sons, the Thornton family’s main...

Dec 7 2012 4:08pm

Conflict Of Interest? Leveson Silk Robert Jay QC Is Ed Miliband’s Wife’s Head Of Chambers

As you may or may not know, Ed Miliband’s wife, Justine Thornton, is a barrister...

Jun 13 2012 8:00am