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Boss of top legal aid firm vows to never instruct LinkedIn message barrister Charlotte Proudman again

"It's not for exposing sexism ... it's for publishing private stuff," says Tuckers senior partner Franklin Sinclair

Sep 10 2015 12:38am

Working class hero leads strike against government legal aid cuts from the tee

Picket line or round of golf? Picket line or round of golf? That’ll be a round of golf, then …

Aug 19 2015 3:32pm

Legal aid strike falling apart as big firms head back to work

Exclusive: Rumours suggest that core group has struck a deal on verge of Ministry of Justice meeting

Jul 23 2015 1:26pm

Legal aid strike fractures amid scab claims

Only a few hours in and solicitors were already at each other throats -- and the bar continues to shilly-shally

Jul 2 2015 10:52am