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  • End Of The Day Round-Up

    Female solicitor told not to have a relationship or babies by boss, tribunal hears [The…

    Jan 9 2013 6:48pm
  • End Of The Day Round-Up

    Cherie Booth’s consultancy among latest ABS approvals [Law Society Gazette] ‘Massively oversubscribed’: legal aid contracts…

    Jan 4 2013 6:18pm
  • End Of The Day Round-Up

    Gary McKinnon will face no UK charges [CPS Blog] Margaret Moran’s lawyer, Jim Sturman QC,…

    Dec 14 2012 7:01pm
  • End Of The Day Round-Up

    Dinah Rose QC’s husband responds to her “Marry a house-husband!” comment [] Latest on the…

    Dec 6 2012 6:37pm
  • Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 5 December

    Free the Press, free the Judges [The Independent] Law firms: the priciest partnerships [The Economist]…

    Dec 5 2012 8:37am
  • End Of The Day Round-Up

    No. 10 said to be looking for a judge after Tom Watson alleges “concerted establishment…

    Nov 5 2012 7:35pm