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Click here for ‘Guilty’ plea: Automated convictions legislation in Commons today

MPs to debate proposed online procedures, virtual hearings and much, much more

Mar 20 2017 12:37pm

Brexit’s Great Repeal Bill is a never-attempted ‘massive problem’: is Oxbridge prof stating the obvious to Lords’ committee?

There was also a lot of talk about Henry VIII clauses and Acquis Communautaire

Feb 3 2017 10:37am

‘You Wouldn’t Behave Like That In Court’: Barrister MP Told Off For Heckling Ed Miliband At PMQs

At yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, criminal barrister-turned-MP Michael Ellis heckled Ed Miliband so loudly that...

Jan 31 2013 10:05am

Michael Mansfield: Women ‘Seriously Underrepresented’ In Parliament (No. Of Female QCs In Mansfield’s Chambers: 0)

“The House of Commons is not representative of the electorate,” began a high-minded letter in...

Sep 27 2012 9:39am

Conservative MP Philip Davies Slams ‘Pompous’ ‘Out Of Touch’ Legal Profession In Anti-Lawyer Twitter Diatribe

It began last Thursday, when right-wing Tory MP Philip Davies labelled Judge Peter Bowers (of...

Sep 10 2012 12:31pm

VIDEO: Jonathan Djanogly “Giggled and Grinned” Through Legal Aid Asbestos Victims Debate

Oh dear, Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly has put his foot in it again… The extraordinary...

Apr 19 2012 11:46am