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The Judge Rules: Bye-bye LPC and training contract, hello unified bar exam

Kaplan’s demise triggers speculation that a streamlined qualification process will arrive sooner than many anticipated

Aug 28 2015 10:30am

The Judge Rules: Anything less than a 100% qualifying lawyer retention is a law firm fail

Training contracts provide large global practices with a recruitment safety net -- but that’s not good for their businesses

Aug 14 2015 1:27pm

The Judge Rules: career-focused millennials spell doom for the GDL

Like James Blunt, the law conversion course is just so 2005

Aug 7 2015 12:34pm

The Judge Rules: This holiday, do the London Law Experience

Ministers shouldn’t allow the Royal Courts of Justice to lie fallow for two months -- turn the buildings into a theme park

Jul 31 2015 1:06pm

The Judge Rules: criminal barristers are playing into the government’s hands

The current strike is likely to be short lived and ultimately lead to what the Ministry of Justice wants

Jul 17 2015 9:26am

The Judge Rules: Chambers have a niggling problem with sexual harassment

Bar authorities have done well with recent £4,000 fine, but the hearing process needs to be more open

Jul 10 2015 10:24am

The Judge Rules: In defence of Lord Harley

It’s time to drop the Alan Blacker obsession

Jul 3 2015 9:42am

The Judge Rules: get off mini-pupillage cake-girl’s back

Critics can’t go soft on work experience QC while slagging off mini-pupil for angling for her own edge

Jun 26 2015 11:57am

The Judge Rules: Bar officialdom must tidy up the mess around ‘brand barrister’

Scraped through the BPTC but failed to bag a pupillage? Not to worry -- you can still call yourself a barrister

Jun 19 2015 9:46am

The Judge Rules: the justice system has failed the Naked Rambler

Being offended by the naked human form should not trump fundamental rights

Jun 12 2015 9:29am

The Judge Rules: Students should be cautious following latest Uni of Law sale

Who is the 36 year-old new owner of ULaw?

Jun 5 2015 9:51am

The Judge Rules: imperfect law school rankings tell us something about complacent Russell Groupers

The latest league tables confirm that for law it remains Oxbridge ... and then the rest

May 29 2015 9:12am

The Judge Rules: publicly listed law firms will mean even fewer training contracts

Gateley’s move this week closer to the door of the London Stock Exchange signals the advance of yet another factor law students and young lawyers will have to confront

May 15 2015 12:14pm

The Judge Rules: Garrick Club should be allowed to fester in maleness

Do women lawyers really want to belong to a club that has blocked them from membership for so many years?

May 8 2015 9:39am