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Meet the traditional Law Society man on steps — and the garrotted wife

Weird rituals were enacted at yesterday’s annual meeting of the body that represents solicitors

Jul 10 2015 4:25pm

Law Society ditches ‘legal executive of the year’ prize as new path emerges to rival training contract

For the first time since 2008 there will be no ‘legal executive of the year’...

Jul 4 2013 2:42pm

Is law really ‘very well suited to flexible working’?

Earlier this month Law Society chief Lucy Scott-Moncrieff caused some raised eyebrows when she claimed...

Mar 19 2013 2:12pm

Arab Lawyers Union’s Reported Decision To Honour Law Student Suicide Bomber Could Spark UK Response

A story has been doing the rounds on Twitter and in the Blogosphere over the...

Oct 22 2012 12:33pm

‘How Will I Ever Come Out In Front Of Partners Who Say: ‘I Can’t Watch One Foot In The Grave Because That Richard Wilson Is Gay’?’

The words of solicitor-advocate and Law Society council member Keith Etherington, as he recalls how...

Jul 6 2012 2:03pm

Advocacy Standards: ‘The Unsatisfactory Must Go’ (But They Probably Won’t)

The Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (QASA) is ostensibly designed to ensure that criminal advocates...

Jul 3 2012 10:12am

What Effect Will The Eurozone Crisis Have On Wannabe Lawyers?

Yesterday, I attended a conference organised by the European Commission in Brussels. It was called,...

May 30 2012 10:04am

Why Snarky Blogs Should Stop Taking The Piss Out Of The London Legal Walk

It’s not all that often that I think Alex misses the point, but in his...

May 23 2012 2:33pm

Law Society Cancels Conference Organised By Group That Says Being Gay Leads To ‘Disease’

Throughout last week there were murmurings of an embarrassment at the Law Society involving marriage...

May 14 2012 8:29am

Legal Education Review Chief Slams ‘Gross Inability’ Of BPTC Students

Senior members of the legal profession have a tendency to shy away from telling it...

Apr 23 2012 9:33am

Advocacy In Decline…And It’s Solicitors’ Fault, Says BSB Study

A whopping 78% of respondents to a Bar Standards Board (BSB) survey believe that standards...

Apr 20 2012 9:47am

Trainee Solicitors: Heading Downmarket?

The Law Society has said that trainee solicitors on housing benefit is “not the type...

Apr 12 2012 12:25pm

PRO BONO FAIL: Law Firms Outnumber Cases As Law Soc’s Riot Help Scheme Flops

EXCLUSIVE: It wasn’t just kids in Tottenham and Hackney who got carried away during last...

Mar 15 2012 10:21am