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Enrolments leap on new graduate route to becoming a lawyer that skips the LPC and training contract

36% rise in sign-ups to the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) Graduate Fast-track Diploma signals growing popularity of bargain TC alternative.

Mar 31 2014 7:49am

Charmaines and Kylies in law: a full statistical breakdown

On Friday we reported that reality TV star Katie Hopkins had used the legal profession...

Jul 8 2013 12:28pm

Law Society ditches ‘legal executive of the year’ prize as new path emerges to rival training contract

For the first time since 2008 there will be no ‘legal executive of the year’...

Jul 4 2013 2:42pm

‘Why I turned down a place to study law at Manchester University to become a legal executive’

Is Rhys Bevan crazy? Why would anyone in their right mind reject a place at...

May 17 2013 2:10pm

‘Much Of What I Thought I Knew, And What Other People Had Told Me, Would Turn Out To Be Wrong’

Ed note: This is the latest post in the ‘If I knew then what I...

Mar 8 2013 10:56am

Will The Next Generation Of Apprentice Lawyers Become Solicitors Or Legal Executives?

Over Christmas, the announcement by minister for skills Matthew Hancock that school-leavers students will soon...

Jan 17 2013 10:51am

‘Train To Be a Lawyer In Just One Year’: Too Good To Be True?

In February, I mentioned an advert for the London College of Law (not to be...

May 29 2012 2:19pm

A Letter To My 18 Year-Old Oxbridge-Hating Self

Sarah Gillbe, who skipped uni to work as a legal secretary before becoming a solicitor,...

Feb 8 2012 1:48pm

Legal Executives’ ‘Psychology’ Is Holding Them Back

As ILEX is presented with a royal charter, it’s time for a change in mindset...

Feb 6 2012 1:32pm