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Law firm to create army of virtual paralegals called ‘Kim’

Artificial intelligence software could leave many law graduates superfluous

Dec 8 2015 9:06am

‘As Just A Normal Bloke I Couldn’t Imagine Myself Being Able To Make It Into This Exclusive Club’

Ed note: This is the fifth in a series of posts where leading members of...

Nov 23 2012 11:56am

Why Law Students’ Cluelessness About The Legal Market Could Consign Them To Paralegal Purgatory

The other day I had a coffee with the guy who many of the top...

Nov 20 2012 2:19pm

The ‘Hilarious’ Video Craze Sweeping Law

There’s currently a fad among lawyers to craft – and sometimes tragically star in –...

Oct 23 2012 10:01am

Is The Legal Profession Really On The Verge Of Revolution?

There was excited talk of “profound change”, “broken business models” and “the end of Law...

Oct 9 2012 12:09pm

Could The Days of Lawyers Charging Clients For The Time They Spend Gossiping On Twitter Be Over?

During a brief spell working as a paralegal at Clyde & Co in 2006, I...

May 14 2012 1:23pm

ADVICE: Your Uni Choices Are Fine, But Why The Narrow Focus On The Bar?

I recently received this email from a prospective law student… Read my response below.

May 2 2012 9:55am