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The Judge Rules: Charlotte Proudman should never have let herself become the story

A cannier operator would have exposed 'sexist' message while keeping her identity hidden

Sep 11 2015 9:38am

The Judge Rules: Amal – she’s famous for being a film star’s wife. Get over it

Everyone is fascinated with Mrs Clooney precisely because she is Mrs Clooney

Sep 4 2015 10:15am

The Judge Rules: Accelerated courses — students need to beware

How much sympathy should we feel for the seven students whose firms dropped training contract offers after they failed BPP’s speedy-LPC?

Aug 21 2015 10:03am

The Judge Rules: The money’s good, so get it while it lasts

Junior City lawyers are bathing in big pay rises, but money isn’t everything -- just ask those in practice

May 22 2015 11:17am