The Legal Cheek UK Virtual Law Fair Series 2020

The Legal Cheek UK Virtual Law Fair Series runs throughout autumn 2020, with four fairs taking place from 1:50pm to 5pm in September (Tues 8), October (Thurs 8), November (Tues 10) and December (Thurs 3). Each has capacity for up to 5,000 students, making them the largest legal careers events in the UK.

Drawing on Legal Cheek‘s unparalleled law student subscriber and follower base, as well its extensive campus ambassador network, the Fairs give students from all parts of the UK the opportunity to meet the nation’s leading law firms from their laptops. So far we have had students from over 120 different UK universities attend the Fairs.

Check out the list of participating law firms below. Firms who would like to get involved should contact for more details.


November UK Virtual Law Fair (Tues 10 Nov 2020)

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December UK Virtual Law Fair (Thurs 3 Dec 2020)

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Participating Firms

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How it works

Each participating law firm has a branded virtual booth with a livestream that allows students to join in video chats with lawyers, graduate recruitment experts and trainees. Students can also submit written questions in the live chats and browse custom firm content. Meanwhile, there is an option to replace your video livestream with static video content for periods during the law fair.

The booths are located within a virtual expo hall, which students can wander through, visiting the various booths.

During the law fair students can join separate 30-minute long themed workshops run by different firms taking place at scheduled times over the course of the event.

If you are a law firm who would like to get involved, please contact for more details.