Law Blogger Milly Bancroft Misses Out As Orwell Prize Goes to Super-Niche ‘Rangers Tax Case’ Blog

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Gasps, sighs and the sentence “A blog about a Scottish football team’s tax case?!” echoed around a disbelieving Church House Hall in Westminster last night, as the winner of the Orwell Prize for blogging was announced.

Supporters of Beneath the Wig author and former barrister Milly Bancroft, one of seven bloggers nominated for the prestigious prize, shook their heads in disbelief as some Scottish bloke trudged to the front and made some speech about football and tax.

“GET OFF! YOU’RE BORING!” we yelled in unison, before turning on the event organisers. “Where’s the food? At other award ceremonies you get food! What the hell is this?!” we continued.

But amid the pain, there was hope, too. Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore, who presented the awards, sought Bancroft out personally after the ceremony to offer her best wishes. Earlier, she had described the Beneath the Wig author as “so persuasive and no doubt a big voice for the future”.

And, of course, just by being there all us Bancroft supporters got to feel very important, as we mingled with leading lights in the journalism and blogging worlds like Amelia Gentleman, Peter Hitchens and NightJack (pictured).

Not that our group wasn’t stacked with big names itself, with members including journalists David Allen Green and David Banks, Financial Times general counsel Tim Bratton and Justice Gap commissioning editor Kim Evans.



Really? Were we at the same event?

You have to admit that the Rangers Tax Case blogger is doing something impressive, and that no one else is doing. The person who read his statement out was one of the judges – the blogger couldn’t be at the award do, because he has to remain anonymous – apparently he’s even had death threats.

But go on, mock away.

And there was food – admittedly olives and crisps, okay, but the wine was unusually nice, and it was followed by one of the best dinners I’ve ever eaten.

The glamorous woman with the bob and the summer dress in the foreground of your picture, by the way, is Kate Adie – with all due respect I think she trumps Night Jack. And, you know, in my little world it isn’t about who you’re with – it’s about who you are.


Alex Aldridge

Dear Ms Baroque,

Thank you for your correction. I admit briefly drifting off during the awards and it’s possible I may have dreamed that bit about the Rangers Tax Case blogger’s acceptance speech.

I’m sure the Rangers blog is excellent, but you’ve got to back your own.


james gilliland

I totally sympathise with your sentiments. The Rangers Tax Case blog which won the Orwell Prize has been removed and is now, I understand, the subject of a police enquiry. Please contact the Orwell Prize organisers to have this award withdrawn and reallocated accordingly. By the way, the Tax Case Tribunal ruled in the football club ‘s favour.


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