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Brexit and the online world

On the anniversary of the historic Brexit vote, David Allen Green reflects on how social media has influenced the past year

Jun 23 2017 1:41pm

Top Brexit thought leader changes stance on Article 50

Admits his assumption government would act rationally was “incorrect”

Oct 6 2016 11:08am

How (Not) To Be A Trainee Solicitor

Congratulations. You got the training contract. You are now going to be a trainee solicitor...

Apr 9 2013 1:04pm

What Will Replace The Fading Dreams Of City Law Megabucks And Criminal Bar Glamour?

This is the central question that the panel will be discussing at Legal Cheek‘s Google...

Dec 5 2012 9:36am

End Of The Day Round-Up

The danger lurking in laws to end cyberbullying [Legal Cheek’s associate editor Emily Jupp in...

Nov 15 2012 6:47pm

End Of The Day Round-Up

“Barrister quotes Shakespeare while trying to chat up attractive Probation officer. Didn’t catch the quote,...

Nov 9 2012 6:51pm

Interview: How To Become a Legal Commentator

Last Thursday, for the first time in ages, I bought a copy of The Times....

Nov 7 2012 11:20am

Think Twice Before You Press That Retweet Button

The bit from Keir Starmer QC’s speech at the LSE last night that got everyone...

Oct 25 2012 8:10am

How Weird And Frightening Should You Be Allowed To Be On Twitter Before You Get Prosecuted?

Yesterday’s debate on free speech vs regulation of social media – held at London’s Free...

Oct 18 2012 10:22am

EVENT: Legal Cheek At The Google Campus

On the evening of Wednesday 5 December Legal Cheek is hosting a star-studded panel debate...

Oct 16 2012 7:55am

Who Said Judges Don’t Get Social Media?

The full transcript of yesterday’s annual press conference with the Lord Chief Justice is very...

Sep 28 2012 9:14am

Chris Grayling Appointment: Top Ten Horrified Reactions

News of the first non-lawyer appointment to the role of Lord Chancellor since the Archbishop...

Sep 5 2012 10:12am

Morning Round-Up: Friday 3 August

“‘What would your advice be to anyone wanting a career in law?’ Answer is at:...

Aug 3 2012 6:46am

PODCAST: The Future Of Legal Blogging

This week’s #RoundMyKitchenTable podcast guest, City University’s Emily Allbon (pictured), is one of the pioneers...

Jul 13 2012 2:29pm

Law Blogger Milly Bancroft Misses Out As Orwell Prize Goes to Super-Niche ‘Rangers Tax Case’ Blog

Gasps, sighs and the sentence “A blog about a Scottish football team’s tax case?!” echoed...

May 24 2012 10:13am

#RoundMyKitchenTable: Orwell Prize Shortlisted Law Blogger Milly Bancroft On The Rise Of The New Media Set

On Tuesday, legal blogger Amanda “Milly” Bancroft found out, via Twitter, that she’d made the...

Apr 27 2012 1:58pm

David Allen Green Throws Twitter Tantrum After Rival Legal Blogger Pips Him To Orwell Prize Shortlist

In 2010, when City lawyer David Allen Green (AKA Jack of Kent) was shortlisted for...

Apr 25 2012 10:26am

Over 10% Of Time’s ‘100 Most Influential People in The World’ Are Lawyers, But None Are Brits (Adele Gets a Slot, Though)

“What, no Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers?!” I bellowed after scanning Time Magazine’s list of...

Apr 23 2012 12:30pm

Radio 4 Legal Show ‘Law in Action’ Hit By BBC Cuts

Law in Action, the long-running Radio 4 legal programme, is to have its funding scaled...

Apr 2 2012 8:52am

Are Top Legal Tweeters Socially Disruptive Narcissists?

It was with grave concern for Preiskel & Co’s David Allen Green – Britain’s only lawyer...

Mar 23 2012 10:44am

Legal Blogging’s Princess Diana Moment

The Bar Standards Board’s (BSB) striking off of legal blogging pioneer David Harris last week...

Feb 3 2012 1:30pm