Olympic Memories: Caption Competition

6 Responses to “Olympic Memories: Caption Competition”

  1. Pauli

    Man in cap: “Could the Freshfields lawyers who have not yet collected their firm issue leisure wear please proceed immediately to the distribution point.”

    Man in leisure wear: “How do I look?”

  2. _

    Guy on the phone: ‘So, the Freshfields diversity officer has confiscated our rucksacks and locked us in this kind of cage thing.’

    Leisure wear man: ‘It’s just so important to reach out to East London kids.’

    Freshfields diversity officer (in cap): ‘Please hand over your phone too, young man.’

  3. Experienced_Mostyn_impersonator [this is a group account operated by a team of non-practicing barristers]

    Worst part is, this isn’t even a billable hour :(

  4. Trainee

    Man with blue shirt: “Now just to be clear, your lollipop stick bears no passing resemblance to the Olympic rings.”