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Czernuszka v King: A new precedent for rugby injury claims?

BPP bar student Christian Mills explores the recent High Court decision and what it means for rugby clubs and players moving forward

Mar 7 2023 9:50am

Taylor v Catterall: rumble in the public law jungle?

Sports governing bodies beware, writes future magic circle trainee William Holmes

Mar 4 2022 8:54am

The rise and fall of the European Super League

Law student and football fan Tanzeel ur Rehman explores breakaways in the beautiful game

Oct 18 2021 10:10am

Teen tennis star Emma Raducanu shelves law degree plans after epic US Open win

She fancied becoming a barrister, reports claim

Sep 13 2021 12:18pm

Does sports law exist?

If no, it’s certainly on its way

Aug 29 2017 11:35am

Weird laws of sport

Whatever you do, keep your hat on

Aug 15 2016 9:15am

Ladies, This Could Be Your Big Chance: Rugby-Playing Law Student Seeks ‘Fun’ This Sunday In London

Spotted yesterday on Craigslist… The post continues: “Hey 🙂 I’m a good looking, rugby playing...

Sep 11 2012 9:10am

As Bradley Wiggins Triumphs, Law Firm Releases Tour De France Death Infographic To Flog Accident Claims

Tired of the old ‘had an accident at work?’ advertising format, personal injury lawyers are...

Jul 23 2012 1:22pm

Hero Barrister Thwarts Drug Dealer’s Courtroom Escape Bid

It was just another morning in court. Peter Hampton, a barrister at Broadway House Chambers,...

Jul 17 2012 2:17pm

In-House Solicitor Makes Euro 2012 Debut

Sometimes the only way lawyers can sate their thirst for applying rules is by taking...

Jun 14 2012 8:59am

The Worst Training Contract Pitch Ever?

“It took me five years to finish that law degree, thanks to rugby,” British Lions...

Mar 27 2012 12:54pm