Constance Briscoe Is Arrested

Judge and author Constance Briscoe, who is a prosecution witness in the Huhne trial, has been arrested.

But as Guido Fawkes reports, no one is allowed to say why.

Tom Harper, investigations reporter at the Evening Standard, said via Twitter that the story behind Briscoe’s arrest is “jaw-dropping”.

Watch this space…

UPDATE – Office for Judicial Complaints statement:

“The Lord Chief Justice and Lord Chancellor have suspended Constance Briscoe from the judiciary pending the outcome of the police investigation into the allegations against her. It would be inappropriate to comment further whilst the investigation is active.”

25 Responses to “Constance Briscoe Is Arrested”

  1. Spec Ula Ter

    Hmmmm, what could Constance Briscoe have done to warrant an arrest? I do get the impression that many people glory in her misfortunes. At the same time her background is eventful.

    Very odd case though.

    • A lawyer

      Why do the media keep referring to her as a “Top Female Judge” or as the Times put it, “Britain’s most renowned black female judge”? Judge Barbara Mensah, for one, has a better entitlement to that description. I think the media probably mean that Briscoe is “the only black female judge we’ve ever heard of”. But I don’t think any of her judgments have made it into the law reports. And now she might have to give up any such ambitions.

      • A lawyer

        Takes a bit of searching but how about Dame Linda Dobbs, a High Court Judge, as the most important black female judge in the UK? Well-respected and totally innocent of any crimes or misdemeanors. And, unlike Connie, never heard to whine and whinge to the media about having been dumped by a former lover or about her insecurities over her physical appearance.

        • Grape Juice

          She is definitely the most animated judge. Her life is almost like an Eastenders script. It’s a bit shameful to have all of this come out though. Not the childhood abuse, she quite rightly exposed her mother and the abuse that goes on in many families across the country. It was a great account of her life and the book impacted a lot of people. However the whole dating a 75 year old QC and then having him run off with a paralegal is the kind of thing you can’t make up.

          Alas, at least she will be remembered. She certaintly won’t die the death of a salesman. Though I suppose the whole thing must be embarassing for her kids who are at university a la mo.

        • Elizabeth M Marsh

          Constance Briscoe ‘whine or whinge’? If you had read her book, you would then know without any doubt that Miss Briscoe neither whines nor whinges. Methinks ’tis you who is guilty of both, and ignorance to boot.

          • A lawyer

            I have read “Ugly” and yes, I was impressed by it. It was a story that deserved to be told. The story about her anguish when her lover dumped her, the stories about her fondness for plastic surgery and foot-shaving, are unworthy of anyone with judicial ambitions. She deliberately set out to shame her former lover and his new partner. Yup, that’s whining and whingeing, and transforms her from a Michael Mansfield into a Katie Price.

  2. Spec Ula Ter

    Also, why would Constance Briscoe live with a man for 12 years without marrying him? Everyone knows that the rule is: if you cannot see yourself married to a man within one year – do NOT date him, let alone live with him.

    • Guy Craft

      Dear Spec Ula Ter – that would rather require him to have divorced from his wife…

  3. Wonderer

    Where would one go to find a website where the reasons might be disclosed?

    Does Tom Harpur’s jaw drop easily?

    • Grape Juice

      Pure speculation. Random comments from a wino who knew Connie Briscoe in the 80s???????????????? It’s 2012 now, not the 80s.

      This is like someone from primary school (and only primary school friend from the 90s) giving a speech about a current BPTC student suspended for plagarism.

      The Daily Mail won’t let us down this time. Enough of the speculation. I reckon we should just wait and see.

      • The Duchess of Hackney

        Yo dickhead, I never claimed it was anything else than phucking speculation and gossip on my part. Who pissed in your dinner last night? You sound bitter… Yeah I dded knowing her briefly in the 80’s you jack ass…what did you expect me to write the same phucking reports every other outlet has which has been identical?

        Knock yourself out.

        • A lawyer

          You have an interesting blog, Duchess. I see you’ve been in prison but you say you aren’t a criminal. I would genuinely like to read the story of your life, if you have written it yet.

  4. Wonderer

    Answering my own question I have discovered that Huhnegate was investigated by a joint Kent/Essex Serious Crime “Directorate”. Kent is nearer to Clapham.

  5. Grape Juice

    C’mon. Spill! I want to know what this Constance Briscoe did to get arrested. If it is not made public this will be the greatest cover up in legal history.

  6. Clapham Commoner

    Very interesting but quick search on internet reveals nothing about her arrest. Looks like she is not celeb enough for internet gossip

    • The Duchess of Hackney

      She’s everywhere on the internet. Just no one saying why or not much speculation on news sites. I speculated on my blog on why she may have been arrested, but the owner of this blog or mod, keeps putting my comments with a link once it’s noticed

  7. Wonderer

    I think the reason may be secret because it impacts on an ongoing criminal prosecution!

    Were one to engage in speculation one might wonder if it might be alleged that her involvement in some random matter went beyond the giving of legal advice into becoming involved in the matter herself?

  8. Richard

    Discuss Misprision of Felony and its displacement by statute 1967. In the case of a Judge would misprision of felony not also be an offence in Treason Law ?

    Leave you eagles to it. Get better discussions on a ghetto blog

  9. Grape Juice

    Nah, seriously though. The reason why Constance Brisoe was arrested ought to be revealed any day now… aaaaaaanyday now. The suspence is killing me. What exactly could she have done? She’s a judge…it couldn’t be that bad…..surely? I doubt she committed a crime in the physical sense (i.e. ABH, GBH), it must be one of those political crimes???