Battle Of The Top QCs: Kirsty Brimelow And John Cooper In Massive Twitter Bust-Up

It started with this proud tweet from John Cooper QC.

Which was followed by this similarly proud tweet from Kirsty Brimelow QC…

Oh, the glamorous life of the “top QC”, a utopian world of international travel…

But wait a second…it looks like Brimelow fancied Cooper’s “Advisor to the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Capital Punishment throughout the World” gig for, er, “someone” else…

“Ouch!” cried shocked onlooker Prof Slizzard.

After tending to his wounds, Cooper hit back.

“Sexist,” retorted Brimelow!

Ignoring the charge, Cooper continued on the offensive.

The rest of the bust-up, sans commentary, is below in the order it happened.

By this stage it began to get a bit repetitive, finally spluttering to a halt with an admission of sorts by both parties that Twitter isn’t the best place for such spats.

6 Responses to “Battle Of The Top QCs: Kirsty Brimelow And John Cooper In Massive Twitter Bust-Up”

    • Uncle Solicitor

      Question: How does any of this benefit their clients or the community at large?

      Answer: It doesn’t.

      If I wanted to be entertained in like fashion, I would fly to Italy and see a Punchinello show.

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  1. Carnybull

    Please reassure me that Kirsty isn’t in charge of Doughty Street’s PR. At least John doesn’t take staff cars to Macdonald’s.

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  2. Bobby_DW

    Just goes to show you are never too old, or too clever, for a bit of a playground scrap. Both should be totally ashamed of their childish bickering, especially on a public forum.

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  3. troy codnee

    A brilliant story.
    I think you should rename your website ‘Look what I found on the information superhighway cheek’

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