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Secret Barrister falls silent on Twitter

Anonymous bar blogger hasn't posted in over a month

Jul 7 2023 8:50am

Pay for a blue tick? No thanks say top tweeting law firms

Lukewarm response to Elon's paid verification service, with only three big legal players taking it up so far

Apr 26 2023 9:53am

12 times lawyers made it to ‘Fesshole’

Hugely popular Twitter account allows members of the public to confess all anonymously

Apr 14 2023 8:59am

10 pics of Pedro Pascal dressed like law firms

Meme sensation 🤝 City law

Apr 12 2023 11:13am

Gender pay gap bot targets law firms (again!)

It’s back with added accountability

Mar 8 2023 3:07pm

Sleuthing former Clifford Chance lawyer leaves Nadhim Zahawi fighting for his political life

Dan Neidle calls for former chancellor to apologise after he reportedly paid around £5 million to HMRC

Jan 23 2023 12:39pm

Legal Twitter divided over review of barrister’s book

Critique of Adam Wagner's new lockdown tome splits opinion on social media

Nov 24 2022 3:43pm

Ex-Doughty Street barrister fined for ‘offensive’ tweets aimed at colleague

Daniel Bennett resigned from top human rights set in 2019 after link to anonymous account was revealed

Sep 12 2022 12:57pm

Have I Got News For You slammed for ‘insulting’ strike gag

Criminal barristers fail to see funny side of Twitter post

Aug 23 2022 10:54am

Anonymous criminal barrister posts breakdown of entire year’s earnings on Twitter — less than £20,000

£19.5k BEFORE chambers rent, insurance and practising certificate

Jun 28 2022 11:47am

Family law barrister cleared of misconduct over Meghan Markle baby tweet

BSB dismisses dozens of complaints against former Olympic rower Joanna Toch

Mar 31 2022 7:57am

Barrister sanctioned over tweet about Muslims wins appeal

Jon Holbrook had been fined £500

Mar 28 2022 2:17pm

Legal Twitter defends law firms called out by MP over alleged Russian links

As Carter-Ruck says Bob Seely got it wrong

Mar 2 2022 1:50pm