Queen’s University Belfast law graduate apologises after drinking goldfish in NekNominate video

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Aspiring solicitor who consumed pet expresses regret on Facebook.

A Queen’s University Belfast law graduate has become the first wannabe lawyer casualty of the NekNominate craze after a video of her drinking a goldfish provoked disgust on social media.

In the clip, which has been removed from the internet, 24 year-old Rachel Carey can be seen showing the goldfish to the camera, before dropping it into her drink and swallowing it.

Currently on a gap year in Australia after graduating from her LLB last year, Carey is believed to be set to embark on the Legal Practice Course (LPC) having secured a training contract, with the Mail Online describing her over the weekend as a “trainee solicitor”.

Amid widespread anger at the stunt, Carey has issued this official-sounding apology on her Facebook page:

Carey’s NekNominate controversy follows the media storm which engulfed district judge Rosemary Watters last week after a video of her downing a shot and saying “I neck and nominate you” was discovered by the press.

Law graduate drinks goldfish: in pictures



She’s not exactly Freddie Starr now, is she?



Surely she was inspired by Donoghue v Stevenson?



A goldfish is not a snail.

Also, IIRC, at full trial it was not proven that there was a snail in the ginger beer.


Juan Pertayta

Jesus, a goldfish…who cares? Really, who cares? Good luck to Rachel Carey. I hope she has a long and distinguished career in the law.

It might be thought that my view is influenced by pictures of the fetching Ms Carey wearing a crop top and zebra print knickers. And I won’t deny that the images are more decorous than snaps of Alex Aldridge (however dressed). But if Ms Carey looked like Hattie Jacques in her underwear I’d say the same.

Animal rights? God help us.


Not Amused

Ummm … there remains the small fact that cruelty to animals is a crime and has been for some time – RSPCA founded 1824 etc …

And GENERALLY we prefer it if lawyers try not to commit crimes.


Juan Pertayta

Is it illegal to swallow a goldfish in Australia? Does the RSPCA’s beat stretch that far?

Small facts. But do tell.



Also, swallowing goldfish could be said to fall within the ‘normal course of fishing’…


Alasdair Baxter

Quaestio quid iuris. Is a goldfish an “animal” in law? If we are talking about cruelty, surely angling where the fish’s mouth is torn by the hook over a prolonged period is much more cruel. What about the accepted culinary practice of boiling live lobsters and crayfish? Live shellfish (oysters) are swallowed alive with lemon juice. What’s the difference between that cruelty and the momentary cruelty suffered by a goldfish as it is dissolved in a lawyer’s belly?



This is the twit that gets a training contract, her daddy or mommy must be well up in social circles


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