The Legal Aid Agency did a really weird tweet — and no one seems to know why

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There is bafflement among lawyers after the Legal Aid Agency’s official Twitter account did this weird tweet yesterday in response to an enquiry about the government’s tender for new criminal legal aid contracts.


The tweet, which has since been deleted, attracted ridicule from solicitors and barristers on Twitter, and has even reached the pages of the Law Society’s Gazette magazine.

A spokesperson for the Legal Aid Agency, which is an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice, told the Law Society:

This tweet was clearly unintended and we are looking into what has happened.

The solicitor who received the tweet, Andrew Gurney of law firm Gurney Harden, has issued this comment:

I thought not only do the LAA treat solicitors with contempt by delaying the contract outcome notification date when people’s livelihood is at stake but when they do respond it is nothing but nonsense. But at least the LAA are nothing if not consistent.

Whatever the cause, the tweet caps a bad few days for @LegalAidAgency, which has also been on the end of criticism recently for its use of the Twitter “favourite” function.



The sound of Legal Aid finally collapsing.



The twitter account is probably outsourced anyway.



Almost looks like a case reference number.



Presumed they were just lolling at all the criminal hacks.


Ed Balls

Ed Balls



Sometimes you just can’t explain genius.



It is quite clear that they have time on their hands. I am confident that no explanation will be forthcoming; the issue will be quietly forgotten.


Lord Lyle of the Isles

Probably meant for Wing Commander Lord Blacker of Counsel’s application for legal aid



Just an overt example of their contempt for lawyers. The Ministry is populated by people who never made it. This is their pathetic revenge.


The Famous Eccles

The pathos is killing me.



Anyone with a child will tell you that the LAA mobile has fallen momentarily into the wrong pudgy little hands!


The Famous Eccles

I have pudgy little hands…


Defence girl sasperila lady boy.

When they force MA girl to be special we all hope the Aussies win.


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