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Spider man

Law student dresses up as Spider-Man to accept his degree

Grad says superhero stunt was to show that not all aspiring lawyers are ‘square’

Oct 3 2018 9:51am

Dream law student property with its own courtroom goes on sale for £525,000

Renovated magistrates' court comes with prison cells and a conference room too

Feb 22 2017 1:32pm

Thief who stole from local salon ordered by court to cut judge’s hair

But the 16-year-old must complete a hairdressing course first

Jan 27 2017 11:41am

‘Mannequin Challenge’: London barristers embrace latest social media trend

You’ve basically got to stand really still

Nov 21 2016 10:30am

The barrister custom of refusing to shake hands is still a thing

It can make social interactions rather awkward

Nov 16 2016 1:51pm

Lawyer claims £2,375 in damages after being seated next to obese man during long-haul flight

Nine-hour Emirates flight ruined due to "spillover"

Sep 23 2016 12:25pm

Kim Kardashian reveals law school hopes

News comes after reports she asked Amal Clooney for a mini-pupillage at Doughty Street Chambers

Sep 22 2016 6:12pm

What is contempt of court? Here’s a graphic example

A US courtroom is treated to surreal dialogue prompted by an abusive defendant -- and then the judge gets involved

Jun 27 2016 1:36pm

10 lawyers with weird and wonderful hobbies

What on earth is mycology?

Jun 22 2016 9:10am

7 criminal laws and practices we’re really glad to see the back of

Read this and never moan about the criminal justice system again

Jun 13 2016 9:03am